Zulupets is a brand born out of love for pets combined with the thought that the world can do better with a little bit of stupid.

The Story

Hi! I am Madhav Bhandari, an average joe who absolutely adores his pet - Jerry. It was during the lockdown when I came up with this stupid idea of turning my dog into a renaissance figure. It's stupid because of two reasons. One it is stupid because it is stupid. Second, when you start a business, the idea usually is to come up with the next big world-changing product that solves consumer problems and makes you the next Bezos.

So why did I walk on this path of stupidity?. Honestly, Jerry made me do it. The love in his eyes each time he looked at me made me do it. His wagging tail every time I got back home made me do it. The spring in his feet and the pride on his face each time we played fetch made me do it. And maybe I did it because the world needs more stupid.

So if you believe in the power of stupid and love your pets as much as we do, then join us as we create India's First Store for Stupid ideas to celebrate your pet.