Customized Phone Cover For Pet Lovers

Free previews for all orders before printing
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Feature your pet in this rennaisance style masterpiece and get ready to be amazed!

See photo guide first.
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Want to get a preview?
After you place the order, our experts will work their magic and share a FREE Digital Preview of the edit for your approval before we print & frame it!

What's more? You will have 48 hours to request any reasonable revisions till you're 100% satisfied (wagging & purring).

Ok let's face it our pets have become permanent residents of our hearts and we can't help but miss them when they are not around or rather when we are not around them. Those sudden moments of longing all .the. damn. time - only if we could magically transport ourselves to wherever our pets are and hug them! The struggle is real. While teleportation is quite not ready yet, we have found the perfect fix until then! Are you ready? A personalized mobile phone cover of your pet that you can carry everywhere with you. Read that again. We deserve a pat on the back, right?. Dig in your gallery and find the cutest memory you have of him/her, give it to us and we'll get the job done. Oh and also the watercolor splash style of the customized phone case will keep your membership of the super cool club intact. Your Pet + Mobile Phone Cover + Funky Art = Your pet goes everywhere with you!


We use hard poly-carbonate plastic for your phone cases which gives them a smooth scratch-resistant finish.


We use the best quality of ink to print your phone cases that even on regular use would not fade the colors away.


We use 3D sublimation printing technology to print the phone case on the sides as well in continuation with the back.


Full coverage on the corners of the case helps protect the phone from drops and saves it from breakages.


Is my photo good enough to use?
If you followed our photo guidelines, then yes your photo is very likely good enough to use. 

Note that it is your responsibility to provide a high quality photo and although we do review orders, it is not our responsibility to chase you for a better photo. Low quality photos will not result in a high spec design that we show on site. All examples on our website were produced using high quality photos.

Can I upload more than 1 photo?
YES -You can upload multiple photos and we will choose the best one to use! (4 image limit)

Does it matter if my photo has stuff in the background?
No this shouldn't matter. Don't worry if there's a lot of stuff in the background.

Can I see the finished artwork before it gets printed?
Yes, to make sure your pet suits the portrait, we will send you a preview after you’ve placed the order to get your final approval.

How do you produce your designs?
We are a digital design studio and we use a range of proprietary photo editing techniques, professional photo retouching as well as a number of complex brush strokes and blending processes to turn your original photo in to a pet portrait.

Can I change my order?
You can change your design within 24 hours of placing the order. If you placed your order more than 24 hours ago, we can't guarantee that we can change it.

What are the canvas dimensions?
We print on to three different sized canvas frames. Each print is gallery-standard quality. All canvas frames have a top-finish light wooden frame depth of 0.75".


12" x 18" (30.5 cm x 45.7 cm)
A great mid-sized canvas which looks perfect in entrance halls, living spaces, bedrooms, and of course... above your pet's bed!

Can you add/remove things for me?
Unfortunately we can't offer to add things like accessories, extra background colors or extra bits to your chosen costume. We are very proud of our work and like to keep things uniform (pardon the pun!)

Where is the product made & shipped from? 
We ship all our products from New Delhi and are 100% Made In India.

Will this portrait suit my pet ?
We have a 415% Satisfaction Guarantee that any pet will suit any Portrait. Our Artists are highly trained and skilled to make this happen! If you are not 415% Satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to put a huuuge smile on your face!

What are your refund policies? 
You can read more about our Return & refund policies here.


Standard Delivery Time is 10-15 business days for metro cities & 15-20 business days for others. In exceptional cases, it may take longer on account of strikes, lockouts, natural calamities, political unrest etc. 

Note: Time will be calculated once the digital artwork has been approved by the customer and hence delivery times may be accordingly adjusted.

We want you to be 100% happy with your order and it is our aim to ensure that all products supplied to all customers arrive in perfect condition.

A. Cancellations within 24 hours:

If you have placed an order recently and have changed your mind, you can cancel your order on the same day. After that, the cancellation will be granted at our discretion. The reason for this is that our artists often begin work as soon as you have placed your order.

B. Cancellations after 24 hours:

A cancellation after 24 hours shall be decided after understanding the issue further & we would decide to refund or process the order for you accordingly based on the amount of work done.

In case of any additional assistance, you can reach out to us at and we will try our best to accomodate your request.

C. Returns & Refunds after delivery: 

I received a damaged/ wrong product. What to do? 

Please write mail to us with complete details at
After understanding the issue further, we would decide to refund or reprint the order for you.

[Note: For any product, there may be slight differences in color, shape or minor variations in size due to different resolutions of the screen used by you. The same shall not qualify for return/refund.]

Customized Phone Cover For Pet Lovers