'Ridiculously Hilarious'

royal canvas portraits of your furry friends that will get your tails waggin' & your pets braggin'

The magic happens in 3 simple steps:

Choose a style

to capture your pet's
unique personality

Upload 3 pictures

of the to-be King / Queen

Place your order

& our experts will get your perfect pet canvas portrait ready in no time!

All Hail The Royalty:

(Royal Collection for him & her)

Most handsome of the handsome, His Majesty always got snacks & pats at his leisure. Together with his stunning wife, Her Majesty, he conquered empires with strategic licks & naps & remained forever loyal to their hoomans.

The Gentleman Series:

(Style, confidence & finesse)

Dressed in his finely tailored bespoke tux, a crisp bow-tie & a shaken-not-stirred martini in one paw, the gentleman rides in the smoothest cars going around town making them ladies weak in their knees with his infectious charm. All sophistication & style - No one does it better than the Gentleman.

Modern Geometric Art

Simplicity. Elegance. Serenity.

Her snow locks stay on point being brushed exactly six times a day. The collars match the undertone of the skin and she knows how to trot that park lane without colorful ribbons or a loud skirt. Leaning against her silver leash, she sighs-

“Simplicity is class hun”

Sounds like your pooch?

Tales Of Famous Tails

"I always knew I’m Royalty! Now I truly feel like the King of the jungle. Also .. my mom kept crying looking at it! Fellow doggos, you must get it too!"

-Audio & Aakriti Kakar, Bollywood Singer

"I started crying when I saw it. Loved it!!!. It's damn cool, have put it up in my room"

-Nikhil Bhambri, Bollywood Actor

"Somethings just fill your heart without trying"

Oliver & Aashii Wadhwa, Model & Influencer

"Look at my baby, he’s royalty now! Thank you Zulupets for the best gift ever"

Popcorn & Sukriti Kakar, Bollywood Singer

"Hahahaha we laughed very hard ... this is so adorable!"

-Buddy & Anusha Mani, Bollywood Singer

"The true king of our heart - Nawab. Words are not enough to thank you for such a beautiful portrait. Nawab is looking like a real King!."

-Rohan & Nawab, India's First Paragliding Dog!

"The portrait is so cute! Thank you Team Zulupets. No one can tell if this is an oil painting or not.! Everyone in the family LOVED it"

-Prateek & Caesar, Dashing Pupfluencer

Tears, Joy & Laughter

Watch how furballs react to this unique piece of art. Their parents have even said that this is the best gift they have ever received! Know someone who'll love this as much as we do?

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